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Google has already revealed the next major upgrade! This is the Helpful Content Update, which will be sent out this week.

More content by people, for people in Search

Although we are unsure of the timings, the deployment is estimated to take one or two weeks to complete.

This upgrade is expected to have a broad impact, as Google has confirmed that websites that fail to satisfy users’ search intent will see their ranking plummet.

Furthermore, the Helpful Content Change will be a site-wide update, which means that sites that produce a lot of unhelpful information, such as Ai auto-generated, re-scraped, and scraped content, would suffer a large decline as they are labeled as unhelpful.

Focus on people-first content

The helpful content upgrade intends to reward better content where visitors believe they’ve had a gratifying experience, whereas content that fails to match a visitor’s expectations will do poorly.

How can you ensure that your material will be successful with our latest update? By adhering to our long-held guidance and principles to develop content for people rather than search engines. People-first content writers prioritize developing engaging content while also leveraging SEO best practices providing additional value to searchers. If you answered yes to the following questions, you’re probably on the right track with a people-first approach:

  • Do you have an existing or intended audience for your business or website that would benefit from the information if they came to you directly?
  • Is your content clear in demonstrating first-hand expertise and depth of understanding (for example, expertise gained by using a product or service or visiting a location)?
  • Is there a primary goal or focus for your website?
  • Will someone leave your content feeling they’ve learned enough about a topic to assist them to reach their goal?
  • Will someone who reads your article feel satisfied with their experience?
  • Are you following our recommendations for core updates and product reviews?

How the update works

The update will be available starting next week. When it begins and when it is fully rolled out, which could take up to two weeks, we will announce on our Google ranking updates website. This update adds a new site-wide signal to the mix of signals we examine when ranking web pages. Our systems detect content that appears to have minimal value, little added value, or is otherwise unhelpful to those conducting searches.

Any content — not simply unhelpful content — on sites considered to have a relatively large volume of unhelpful content overall is less likely to do well in Search, provided there is better stuff elsewhere on the web to display.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us on Twitter or start a discussion with experts in the Search Central forums.

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